Andrew Gilbey

Executive Director

Andrew is the driving force behind Syngentis services and is responsible for the day to day management of the company, as well as setting the strategic direction and corporate governance.  He has worked closely with Government on a number of health and wellbeing initiatives and was directly responsible for delivering the highly successful Health for Work Adviceline. Andrew also led the implementation of the NHS Quality Strategy for NHS occupational health in England, which has now been incorporated into the SEQOHS accreditation standards.

After 10 years as a senior manager in business, Andrew’s occupational health career started in York where he developed a £1.6m business case. He led the team, achieving 30-fold revenue growth and expansion of the service from 10 to over 40 staff.  He also led an initiative that succeeded in reducing sickness absence costs by £1.2 million per annum. He has an Executive MBA from the Open University.