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The workplace has a significant impact on people’s health and well-being. Poor management of workplace health can lead to work-related ill health and high levels of sickness absence.

Keeping your staff healthy and tackling sickness absence is important because of the costs involved, the impact on service delivery and the consequences for individual staff. A good occupational health service makes sound business sense and helps companies become more productive and save money.

At Syngentis, we believe that being in work is good for your health and wellbeing. For many of us, work is not only a source of income but provides a feeling of self-worth and fulfillment. We know that if you have prolonged sickness absence from work, you may find it difficult to return and need help and support.

Occupational health services can also help individuals who are in work stay healthy and motivated and it can support those who are off work to return quickly. Finally, occupational health can assist in supporting and rehabilitating those who are out of work find work so that they can become full and active members of society.

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The Syngentis team is able to offer expert occupational health advice and support. Contact us to find out more.