Our History

“I worked with the NHS Plus team and found them to be insightful, focussed and deliver the agreed work on time to a high standard - I look forward to working with them now they are Syngentis"

Syngentis is a not-for-profit community interest company set up in 2012 to progress and develop some of the work previously undertaken by NHS Plus.

NHS Plus was a Government funded project set up to increase the quality and delivery of health and work services and support the broader Health, Work and Wellbeing Strategy. It did this through:
•    Helping develop the NHS as a model employer
•    Delivering services to other public sector bodies and smaller businesses
•    Supporting the development of quality occupational health practices

Coming from NHS Plus, the Directors have expert knowledge of occupational health in the NHS and public sector and have been responsible for advising Government on work and health issues. The team is committed to improving  the fitness, health and productivity of the working age population.

The NHS Plus project came to an end on 31 March 2013. Syngentis is working in partnership with the NHS Health at Work Network to advance this programme of work.